Submissions & Special Calls

Aurora Historical Romance & Aurora Regency

Aurora is the imprint for all pre-20th century historical romance titles released by Musa.
We are actively acquiring all heat levels (sweet, spicy, and erotic) and all lengths (5,000+ words) of historical romance for the Aurora Historical Romance imprint. Queries for all historical eras and locales are welcome, from ancient Greece and China to Victorian England, the Wild American West, and Gibson Girls –so long as it’s before the turn of the 20th century!
Aurora Regency is the distinct category of Aurora for sweet traditional Regency romance. From light-hearted ballroom dramas to mature themes, Aurora Regency titles focus on the characters –detailed or gratuitous sex and violence is not suitable for this category. This exclusive category features the finest in fresh, sweet traditional Regency romance. We are actively acquiring all lengths (5,000+ words).
Do you have a previously released historical romance manuscript that you have the rights reverted to, and you’re looking to make it available to your readers again? We welcome your queries too!
Submit your Aurora imprint and Aurora Regency submissions to Musa Publishing Submissions.  You can read more about submitting guidelines at the Musa Publishing website.


Aurora is an imprint of Musa Publishing. For more information, please visit us at  

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